Thursday, April 26, 2018

TWO COW POEMS: Variations on a Theme

One writing exercise that I enjoy doing is writing about a particular subject in different kinds of poems. Here are two poems that I wrote about cows. The second is a mask poem. You'll see that the poems have some things in common:


Graze on a hillside meadow
dotted with dandelion suns.
Breathe in the sweet smell of clover
and freshly mown hay.
Flick flies away with your tasseled tail.
Feel summer days pass by
like silk over silver.
Moo and chew
and chew and moo.
your grand green view.


Up here on the hillside,
We graze and we laze.
We laze and we graze
On warm sunny days.
We chew and we moo.
We moo and we chew
And ruminate on
This grand green view.

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Diane Mayr said...

I love the simplicity of the second poem. The use of "ruminate" elevates it nicely.

Linda B said...

I like that word, "ruminate", too, but also the "chew and moo", "moo and chew". That's the moment I hold in my head about cows, too. Fun to read, Elaine!