Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SOLE SONG: A Mask Poem about a Pair of Shoes

Here is a mask poem that I wrote back in 2010 for one of Tricia's (Miss Rumphius) poetry stretches.
Tricia wrote:

Shoes make great subjects for writing. Pick a shoe, any shoe, and it will tell you a story. It may want to tell you about a special event--a wedding, a prom, a soccer game. It may want to tell you about how it hid from the other shoe? It may want to tell you about a previous owner. If a shoe has traveled many miles, it will have many stories.

So, that's the challenge for today. Write a poem about shoes, or an event where the shoes figure prominently, or a pair you wanted by couldn't have, or .... there's just so much to choose from!

Sole Song

We’re the well-worn soles of shoes
reading all the sidewalk news.
As we go along our way
we broadcast headlines of the day:
dots of rain
wad of bubblegum
bright stain
of cherry popsicle
that bled
its sticky sweetness
cool and red
concrete cracked
by root of tree
telltale clue
of injured knee
ghost of ant
whose remnants lie
flattened from a passerby
Our bugaboo!
We just stepped in doggy do!

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1 comment:

Glenda Funk said...

I love the point of view in this poem. We've all heard that we should develop empathy by "walking in another's shoes," but I love hearing the sole speak. And ick! Stepping in doggie doo.