Saturday, February 14, 2009

I won! I won! I won!

Lucky me! I was the fortunate person who placed the winning bid in the Small Graces February auction. I am so happy--and not just because I am now the proud owner of a second original painting by my good friend Grace Lin. I am thrilled because all the auction proceeds will go to The Foundation for Children's Books to help underwrite the visits of children's authors and illustrators in underserved schools in the Greater Boston area.

Here's the painting I won!
I love it!!!!!
You can read more about the Small Graces auctions at the following Wild Rose Reader post:
Small Graces: A Painting a Month for the Foundation for Children's Books

My other Grace Lin original is the first double-page spread that appears in the picture book One Is a Drummer. It's a colorful and beautiful painting that I can look at every day when I'm at work on my computer.

You can see the painting hanging on the wall above the bookcase in my library/office.


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Thanks! I'm looking forward to framing the painting and hanging it in my library/office--where I'll see it all the time.