Friday, May 30, 2008

The Poetry Friday Roundup Is Here!

I'm doing the Poetry Friday Roundup this week. Please leave the URL of your poetry post along with your comment.

Early Morning Edition

Here at Wild Rose Reader, I have an interview with children’s poet and anthologist Paul B. Janeczko.

At Blue Rose Girls, I have Grief Calls us to the Things of This World, a poem by Sherman Alexie.

John Mutford at the Book Mine Set is in with review of an anthology of Chinese-Canadian poetry called Swallowing Clouds.

Kelly Fineman joins the Poetry Friday Posters with Remember, a poem by by Christina Rossetti, over at Writing and Ruminating.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers has an original poem for us entitled The Climbing Tree.

Tadmack took time out from packing to post Animal Spirits, a poem by Denise Levertov, at Finding Wonderland.

Stacey has the start of a thinking/wondering poem draft over at her blog, Crafty Creations. She said she’ll be writing the poem today in Writing Workshop alongside her kids.

At A Wrung Sponge, Cloudscome has three lovely haiku written by Richard Wright for us--and of course, some beautiful photographs!

Sara Lewis Holmes of Read Write Believe has a poem from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God.

Tricia has posted A Baseball Poem by J. Patrick Lewis at The Miss Rumphius Effect.

Writer2b has a review of Madeleine L'Engle's poetry collection A Cry Like a Bell.

Sylvia Vardell of Poetry for Children has a review of Naked Bunyip Dancing, a book written by Australian poet Steven Herrick.

Mary Lee Hahn of A Year of Reading has a “take-off” poem she wrote for Charlotte Huck's poetry class when she was getting her MA at OSU.

At Read. Imagine. Talk, Jenny is in with some thoughts about Elizabeth Bishop's One Art.

Laura Salas posts her traditional Friday 15 Words or Less Poems.

Laura Salas also has a review of Brian Cleary’s Rainbow Soup.

Sarah Reinhard of Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering, joins in the poetry posters with Queen of the Apostles.

At Picture Book of the Day, Anastasia Suen is groovin’ with Jazz by Walter Dean Myers.

More Friday Morning Poetry Posts

Little Willow of Slayground gives us Ellen Grover’s No Longer for this last Poetry Friday in May.

At Write Time, Linda Kulp has an original Tribute Pantoum she wrote for her mother who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Jama Rattigan is sharing Monologue for an Onion, by Suji Kwock Kim.

Karen Edmisten has a post and a survey about Emily Dickinson for us.

Christine M. has Spring Carol by Robert Louis Stevenson at The Simple and the Ordinary.

Guess who else has an original poem for us this Friday? Kelly Herold of Big A, little a!

Here she is! And it's still morning, even. MotherReader has a poem from and review of Red Butterfly.
The Poetry Lunch Bunch
Charlotte of Charlotte’s Library is in with two favorite poems from Edwin Arlington Robinson.

At Knocking from Inside, Tiel Aisha Ansari has posted an original poem, inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins' Pied Beauty.

At Becky’s Book Reviews, Becky’s got an original haiku celebrating the good news that beef brisket is GOOD for you!

Anne K. of Morning Glory Alley, says she’s got a poem about compost over at her blog.

Check out the Haiku from Mrs’ Fisher’s Class at Check It Out.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a little Wordsworth this last Friday of May? Then head on over to HipWriterMama.

Susan T. of Chicken Spaghetti of chicken spaghetti is looking for some poems about princesses and parties. If you’ve got any suggestions, let her know.

The Old Coot says: “It's not the normal time of year for reading In Flanders Fields, but I have it anyway for current-events reasons.”

Friday Night Poetry Feast
(NOTE: I'm sorry for the delay in posting the following links. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and spent the past few hours sleeping.)
Miss Erin thought we might like some Emily Dickinson this week.

Sheila of Greenridge Chronicles is in with some HD and some Longfellow, both in a bit of a beach mood…she says.

At In Need of Chocolate, Sarah has posted Shakespeare's Sonnet 54.

Lisa C. of A Little of This, A Little of That has Catlin Crawford’s When I Think of Home for us today.

Sarah Miller of Reading, Writing, Musing… gives us a poem by Hafiz entitled In A Circus Booth.

At Adventures in Daily Living, Suzanne is sharing a Tom Robinson poem.

Jules of 7-Imp has posted the entire text of two poems and some prose from Honeybee, a book written by one of my favorite poets--Naomi Shihab Nye.

Liz in Ink has a short post about her school's literacy parade and an original poem by one of her daughters about vacation!

Becky at Farm School has some audio poems for us and gives us the scoop on PennSound.

At There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town, Ruth has a poem entitled The Age of Dinosaurs, which was written by James Scruton.
Late Addition
Jim D. of Haunts for a Children’s Writer has written an original poem about sea turtles.


John Mutford said...

Thanks for doing the round-up. I'm in with review of an anthology of Chinese-Canadian poetry called Swallowing Clouds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine! Thanks for rounding up, and for your excellent interview with Paul Janeczko - I so adore his anthologies and poems!!

I'm in with Remember by Christina Rossetti over at Writing and Ruminating. Here's the link for you:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for hosting Elaine! I wrote one this week:


tanita✿davis said...

Snatching a moment during packing, I'm in with Denise Levertov. Thanks for hosting, Elaine.

Anonymous said...

I've got the start of a thinking/wondering poem draft over at my other blog, Crafty Creations, today. You can view it by going to I'll be writing the poem today in Writing Workshop alongside my kids. :)

Thanks again Elaine,

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I am posting Richard Wright's haiku this week. Thanks for rounding us up!

Sara said...

Hi, Elaine. I can't wait to read the interview. Here's my post for today (and for my week of revisions!) Rilke, on ever widening circles.

Tricia said...

Hi Elaine! Happy Friday to you. I'm in with a J. Patrick Lewis original (but you already knew that).

Thanks for rounding us up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting this week. I reviewed Madeleine L'Engle's poetry collection 'A Cry Like a Bell' here:

Sylvia Vardell said...

Hi, Elaine-- lovely to connect, thanks for hosting. I've reviewed NAKED BUNYIP DANCING by Steven Herrick today.

Mary Lee said...

I know I just shared Gerard Manley Hopkins' Pied Beauty in comic strip form a couple of weeks ago, but this poem is apparently not done with me yet. A take-off of his poem showed up this week in my inbox, courtesy of Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry newsletter, and that reminded me of a take-off I wrote for Charlotte Huck's poetry class when I was getting my MA at OSU (more years ago than I will admit to here).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this week! I'm in with some thoughts about Elizabeth Bishop's One Art.

Here's my link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for rounding us up, Elaine! I'm in with an excerpt/review from Rainbow Soup ( and, of course, 15 Words or Less poems (

Happy Poetry Friday!

Sarah Reinhard said...

Thanks for hosting!

My post is here, Queen of the Apostles.

Anonymous said...

I'm in with Jazz

:-) Anastasia

jama said...

This week I'm sharing "Monologue for an Onion," by Suji Kwock Kim:

Thanks for hosting, Elaine. Can't wait to read the interview!

Karen Edmisten said...

I'm in with a post and a survey about Emily Dickinson. It's here.

Thanks so much for hosting!

christine M said...

Thanks for doing the round up! I'm in with Spring Carol by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Kelly said...

Hi Elaine:

thanks for the interview and the hosting! I'm in with an original poem this week:

MotherReader said...

Here I am! And it's still morning, even. MotherReader has a poem from and review of Red Butterfly.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, thank you for rounding up today. I'm in, seeking recommendations for poems about princesses or parties for some first graders I know.

Charlotte said...

Good morning Elaine, and thanks for rounding up. I'm in with two favorite poems from Edwin Arlington Robinson--

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Original poem, inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Pied Beauty": Transparent Beauty

Becky said...

Thanks for hosting! I'm in today with an original haiku celebrating the good news that beef brisket is GOOD for you!

Anne K said...

I'm in with a poem about compost over at Morning Glory Alley.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing round-up. Here is mine:

Vivian Mahoney said...

I'm in with some Wordsworth. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

Thanks, Elaine.

It's not the normal time of year for reading "In Flanders Fields," but I have it anyway for current-events reasons.

Erin said...

Thanks for doing the roundup! I have some Emily Dickinson:

sheila said...

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for hosting. I'm in with some HD and some Longfellow, both in a bit of a beach mood.

cheers / sheila

Sarah said...

Thanks for doing the round up! I've posted Shakespeare's Sonnet 54.

Sarah said...

Thanks for doing the round up! I've posted Shakespeare's Sonnet 54.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the round-up!

Sarah Miller said...

Can I be the mid-afternoon snack? :)

Suzanne said...

me too? Perhaps the afternoon tea course?

I'm sharing a Tom Robinson poem.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Elaine, I've got two new Naomi Shihab Nye poems that she gave me permission to post in their entirety...and some new short prose...all from Honeybee.

Can't wait to read the interview later...when it's quieter!


Anonymous said...

I'm sort of a day late, a dollar short today, Elaine. Thanks for rounding up, though. I've got a short post about our school's literacy parade and an original by one of my daughters about vacation!

Anonymous said...

I finally had a post this week but then forgot to stop in here! Oy... Am in time for afternoon tea, Elaine?
Thanks for rounding up, and have a great weekend.


Farm School learns about PennSound

Ruth said...

Here's my contribution today. Thanks for rounding up.

writerwoman said...

Wow. So much great info! Thanks for putting this together.

Jim Danielson said...

Hi Elaine,

Kelly H. said I should give you my link for my original poem Sea Turtles.

Mary Lee said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope all is better.

Here's a minor detail -- Chicken Spaghetti's link takes the reader to HipWriterMama. (It's always something, isn't it? I just realized that I misspelled "experiment" in a recent blog title. DOH!)

Elaine Magliaro said...

Mary Lee,

Thanks for letting me know about the incorrect link. I guess I was too tired to check them all yesterday--which is something I usually do.

LA Nickers said...

A little late . . . but here was my post for Friday:

My Graduate

LA Nickers said...

And . . . on NICKERS AND INK:

THE ORGAN RECITAL, at Nickers and Ink

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