Friday, April 21, 2017

This Great Big Sky: An Original Poem

I have been "reworking" a collection of nighttime poems. I'm taking a new approach suggested by my editor. I'm hoping it will give the collection a better focus. Here is one of the poems that I decided to cut from the manuscript:


This great big sky,
this starry dome,

this universe that we call home—
it’s a vast and endless place

filled with space
      and space

          and space.


In other news: Catia Chien, the illustrator of my book THINGS TO DO, was on PBS NEWSHOUR last night on a Brief but Spectacular segment!

I thought some people might be interested in a guest post that Catia wrote for All the Wonders titled ON FAILING.
In her piece, Catia shares her relationship with failures and setbacks she encountered during the process of discovering the voice of a story's illustrations.

Tabatha has the Poetry Friday Roundup over at The Opposite of Indifference.




Whispers from the Ridge said...

Beautiful poem! I like the repetition of "space."

Tabatha said...

Celestial, Elaine! Love it. I read Catia's "On Failing" and thought it was beautifully honest and valuable advice.

Jane @ Raincity Librarian said...

I love this, and the vastness created by the repetition of "space" - I can't wait to find out when the actual collection is one day revealed! :-)

Kay said...

Such a small poem captures the vastness of space. Now I want to go out and stare at the stars, but the clouds block the view tonight.

Unknown said...

I like the way you use repetition to suggest the endless... like the ellipses.

Mary Lee said...

I love your poem, but special thanks for the links to the video and article from your illustrator. What an inspiration! The two pictures she shows at the end of her article seem to be HER story, made visual. I'm so happy for her that she has come through the darkness and is willing to share her journey.