Friday, April 25, 2014

A Poem about the Megalodon

I’ve already posted a number of poems from my unpublished collection titled Docile Fossil. Here’s another poem from that manuscript. I wrote it as a definition of the biggest prehistoric shark that ever lived—the Megalodon.

Megalodon: A Poetic Definition

Megalodon, Megalodon:
A giant-jawed phenomenon
Much bigger than a mastodon,
A predatory paragon,
A monster shark that preyed upon
Dolphins, whales…a beast of brawn—
The mightiest biter of the deep
Who’s gone to his eternal sleep.


Tabatha has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Opposite of Indifference.


Tabatha said...

This has such good rhythm that I can imagine it as a jump rope rhyme! Thanks for sharing it, Elaine. Hope you get some rest :-)

Liz Steinglass said...

Great rhymes!

Mary Lee said...

I'd love to have this collection on my shelf someday! (Self-publish!!)

Jone said...

My students would love this poem. They are fascinated by this shark.