Friday, September 28, 2012

BUSYBODY: An Animal Mask Poem

Yesterday, I watched my granddaughter Julia as she looked out the side door at two gray squirrels scampering along the old rock wall that serves as the boundary line between our “new” property and the property of our next door neighbors. It’s fun for me to look at a familiar scene like squirrels skittering around through the eyes of little Julia who gets so excited about such things. I enjoy  listening to her excited noises when she gets wrapped up in the wonder of things that are new to her young eyes.


Today, I’m sharing an animal mask poem. In it, I tried to capture the voice of a squirrel busy scavenging for food in autumn.

By Elaine Magliaro

I’m a hurrier
searching for acorns
and maple tree seeds
stashing them now
for my wintertime needs.

It’s autumn…
I’m busy.
I’ve much work to do.
So sorry I can’t stop
To visit with you.

Must hurry,
Must scurry…
Can’t chatter today.
I’m busy…too busy
Must be on my way.


Here are some pictures of Julia enjoying her first tastes of her Grampy’s yummy homemade lasagna:

 Here are two pictures that I took of her when we vacationed in Maine in late August:

Here is a picture that I took of Julia at her first birthday party in August:



Marjorie has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Paper Tigers this week.



Andromeda Jazmon Sibley said...

Adorable! What shockingly beautiful eyes she has. I love your squirrel poem too. There is just something about squirrels I never get tired of watching, even when they are stealing from my birdfeeders. Hooray for the delight of the young, that focuses our attention on such things in a new way.

Joy said...

What an excellent squirrel poem. Great rhythm and rhyme.
Your Julia is beautiful. Enjoy.
Thanks for the great pictures.

Linda at teacherdance said...

You must realize that Julia takes precedence even over your fine poem, Elaine! She is so beautiful! Granddaughters are very special! But, I do love what you do with those mask poems, just capture the animals so well. I like the way that first verse sounds a lot.

Marjorie said...

Oh, what gorgeous photographs,Elaine. And so sweet to see how she has grown in the spaces between the photographs. My older son is 14 today and his 1st birthday seems such a distant memory...

I love your poem too. Squirrels and autumn are just perfect together.