Friday, January 6, 2012

ROCK CANDY: An Original Poem

A few years ago, I wrote a Wild Rose Reader post titled How Sweet It Is!: A Poetry Tale. In the post, I talked about a collection of candy poems that I had written—and provided some background on the project. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

My collection of candy poems takes you through a year with sweets. For example, there are poems about a heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, marshmallow chicks for Easter, toasting marshmallows for summer, licorice for Halloween, and chocolate coins for Hanukkah and Christmas.

I wrote the following poem for the month of January. When I was looking at the rock candy that I had bought at Yummies—a candy store in Maine—it made me think of icicles and cold winter days.


Jack Frost waved his magic wand
And conjured up a crystal candy
Perfect for crunching on a winter day…
A rough, jagged icicle
Of sugar frozen on a wooden stick.


 Happy New Year to All!

The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Teaching Authors this week.


Linda B said...

I always love those rock candy sticks one can drop into a cup of tea, just like your picture. The poem connects it to winter & Jack Frost just right, that 'rough, jagged icicle of sugar'.

Katya said...

Sweet! I wish I had seen this poem when my kids made rock candy.

Unknown said...

as a kid i used to hold rock candy close to my eyes and pretend i was an ant looking at a clump of sugar grains up close.

the icicle image is going to stick with me though. it might stick better if we ever se any snow or icicles this year.

Mary Lee said...


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