Friday, November 25, 2011

Julia's Christening & First Thanksgiving

I've had a busy few weeks. That's why I haven't been posting much lately. My granddaughter was baptized on November 13th. I was away in Chicago for a few days last week for the 2011 NCTE Annual Convention. Upon my return home, I had to get cracking with preparations for Thanksgiving. I hosted my family this year in my "new" dining room.

I have also experienced some major computer problems recently. My computer was with the techs for a few days. Then...I still had some problems with it after I brought it home. The following morning, I couldn't connect to the Internet. I think I've finally solved my connectivity problem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

We definitely had a Thanksgiving to remember. We were joined by our newest family member--my adorable granddaughter Julia Anna who was born in early August. She was smiling and in a really good mood. She was the hit of the party!

Some Christening Photos
(Julia wore my daughter Sara's christening gown.)

Thanksgiving at My House

Most of the other pictures that I took yesterday didn't come out too well.
Julia doesn't always cooperate when we're trying to take pictures of her.

I hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

yep,what goes around comes around

Janet Wong said...

Great photos! She's obviously a well-loved and happy baby!!

Charles Waters said...

Most excellent!!!!!!