Friday, September 30, 2011

Old Poems & New Furniture

As I wrote in my Poetry Friday post last week, I’ve been busy spending lots of time with my little granddaughter Julia Anna and cleaning out the basement—where I’ve been discovering lots of old poems that I had forgotten about.

This week my husband and I decided to redo our dining room. We had given away our dining room set to my daughter and husband quite some time ago—so we haven’t used the room at all for a long time. We’ve been hosting Thanksgiving and other dinner parties in my library/office—which is in my basement.

Here’s a picture of Janet Wong and my daughter Sara in my library/office (2007).
Click here to see some more pictures of the room.

It was definitely time to fix up our once lovely, light-filled dining room again. I went furniture shopping on Monday and bought a new dining room set at Boston Interiors. Now we have to finish painting the dining room pronto because the furniture is going to be delivered next Tuesday!

I am so excited that we’ll finally be hosting Thanksgiving in our dining room this November!


This morning I dug through some more "basement bins" and found the following old, moldering poems:


Wake up, sleepy bear,
It’s spring.
Stop your snoring—
Rise and sing.
Yawn your winter dreams
Take your bear cubs out to play.
Peek out from
Your darkened den.
All the world is green again!


I’m a cloud-maker.
Watch me blow
A pale white billow,
Make it grow—
A fragile ghost-cloud,
That vanishes as
I breathe in.


Crisp leaves crackle underfoot.
Air smells of cinnamon and earth.
The sky is ink—and wild geese
Arrow past a harvest moon
That shines bright as a brand new penny.


White bowls
Cupped toward the heavens,
Eavesdropping on space,
To tales told
Of a time before time—

Of a Big Bang
Spewing star stuff
Into the universe,

Of whirling clouds
Of burning gases,

Of inanimate life
Breathing light
Into a dark void.


Sara Lewis Holmes has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Read Write Believe.


jama said...

It's so much fun to see how fast Julia Anna is growing and changing!

Like your new dining set. It'll be a special Thanksgiving this year with a new person at the table :).

Enjoyed your "moldering" poems. My favorite is "Cloud-Maker."

Sara said...

Oh, poems don't "moulder." They age, like wine!

I'm working on my dining room, too. I have poetry books in there---do you? :)

teacherdance said...

Wow-your granddaughter is changing so fast; look how she is looking, looking! I like that cloud poem too, such a vision.

Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

I soooo love visiting your blog every Friday and seeing updates about your lovely lovely granddaughter with the glorious cheeks. My favorite is "Cloud maker" too:

"A fragile ghost-cloud,
That vanishes as
I breathe in." - awe-inspiring.

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