Friday, June 3, 2011

HOLES by Lillian Morrsion: A Poem in Memory of a Dear Friend

Dr. Stephen D. Hayes

I wrote a post on Wednesday about my close friend Dr. Stephen Hayes who passed away last Saturday. We had a wonderful memorial celebration of his life yesterday. It was held at the Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Steve loved the ocean and kept his boat moored in Marblehead Harbor. My husband and I always spent the Fourth of July holiday with Steve and his family and some close friends on his boat. We’d eat fresh lobsters, drink wine and margaritas, watch fireworks--and spend a lot of time laughing. Steve was always the ultimate host. He was also one of the most intelligent and funniest people that I have ever met. My long friendship with him enriched my life.

Here's a picture I took from Steve's boat
one Fourth of July a few years ago:

Steve was a special man who was well loved by all those who knew him. His absence will be felt by many. I will miss him more than words can say.

Lillian Morrison's poem HOLES expresses best the emptiness that I feel inside me at this time.

by Lillian Morrison

Strangest of gaps
their goneness-
mother, father, loved friends

the black holes
of the astronomer
are not more mysterious

this kind of hole
will not be filled
with candle flames
or even a thousand thoughts

the hole is inside us
it brims over
is empty and full at once.

You can find the poem HOLES in Lillian Morrison’s book Overheard in a Bubble Chamber and Other Science Poems; in A Time to Talk: Poems of Friendship, selected by Myra Cohn Livingston; and in This Place I Know: Poems of Comfort, selected by Georgia Heard.

Steve & His Wife Clare
at our 40th High School Reunion
in 2004

Steve and Clare at Mittersill.
Mike and I used to ring in the New Year
with them in the White Mountains
of New Hampshire.

Steve and Clare
visiting with Mike and me
on Westport Island in Maine.

Mike and I were so happy
that Steve was able to come
to our daughter Sara's wedding
last July.

This is how I will remember Steve!

Dear Friend,
you are gone now--but you will never be forgotten!


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jama said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, Elaine. What a beautiful tribute to Steve. I do remember your mentioning New Year's in the White Mountains and happy Fourth of July celebrations in the past.

Lillian Morrison is new to me. Will have to check out more of her work. That last stanza says it all!

Toby Speed said...

Elaine, beautiful post and poem. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.