Friday, August 20, 2010

Things to Do If You Are a Cow: An Original List Poem

We've been vacationing on an island in Maine. The waterfront house where we are staying is beautiful. Except for one rainy day, we've had gorgeous weather. My daughter and her husband and some of our friends came up to spend a few days with us earlier in the week. We've had a great time. I'm going to hate to leave this place.

I have another of my "things to do" poems for you this week.


Graze on a hillside meadow

dotted with dandelion suns.

Breathe in the sweet smell of clover

and freshly mown hay.

Flick flies away with your tasseled tail.

Feel summer days pass by

like silk over silver.

Moo and chew

and chew and moo.



your grand green view.


The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Teach Poetry K-12.


Laura said...

Hi Elaine,

This reminds me of bygone days of a lazy summer. Unlike the scheduled summers of kids these days.

Laura Evans
all things poetry

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Great poem, Elaine! It really hits home with me as I currently live on a farm complete with a herd of cows.

jama said...

Sounds like a beautiful vacation you're having!

I love this moo and chew poem :)!

Julie Larios said...

"Feel summer days pass by
like silk over silver..."

That is just beautiful, Elaine! And, of course, "Moo and chew / and chew and moo."

It's a cow's life. Lovely poem. Thanks.

Toby Speed said...

Like silk over silver - nice imagery, Elaine.

Mary Lee said...

"My daughter and her husband..."

Does it tickle you to be able to say/write that?!?!


Elaine Magliaro said...

Laura, Bridget, Jama, Julie, Toby--

Thanks for commenting on the poem. I almost eliminated the line about "silk over silver." I wasn't sure about it.

The vacation was great! It was our fourth year staying at the same house. We love it there--as do all of the guests we've invited to stay with us there.

Mary Lee,

I guess it tickles me because my daughter found a man she's so happy with. We love spending time with the newlyweds. My husband and I get along with Sara's husband and his family really well.