Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Wedding Day to Remember!!!

Even though I took more than 160 photographs during "wedding weekend"--I wish I had taken even more! Of course, if I had taken more pictures, I wouldn't have had time to dance, talk to our wedding guests, and experience the time of my life. The food at the reception was delicious--but I hardly ate anything. I was too excited...and too busy having fun.
Sara & Her Husband with George Harrington

The Lyceum in Salem, Massachusetts, was the perfect place for Sara and Jerry's wedding reception. I have known George Harrington, one of the owners, for many years. I had his youngest child as an elementary student for second and third grades. My daughter worked as a busgirl and as a waitress at The Lyceum when she was in high school and college. The Lyceum is also one of our family's favorite places to eat. The staff at The Lyceum knows our family--and went out of their way to make sure Sara's wedding day was a truly memorable one. (Click here to read our wedding day menu.)
A big shout-out to Kristin Hansen, the function coordinator at The Lyceum, who was such a pleasure to work with!

Flowers by Nunan's of Georgetown, MA
I wish I had also taken pictures of the smaller floral arrangements on the cafe tables--
but I forgot. They were really lovely too.
My daughter and I both love hydrangeas!

Wedding Cake by Cakes for Occasions in Danvers, MA
The cake was the most delicious wedding cake I have ever tasted.
Wedding guests raved about it!
You can read more about the flavors of the cake here.

Some Pre-Wedding Pictures
Here I am with the mother of the groom.

We got Sara's beautiful wedding gown and veil at French Bridals in Beverly, MA

Sara and the rest of "the gals"--
including the mother of the groom and me--
rode to the church on the trolley.

I wish I knew the bagpiper's name. He was fabulous!
Unfortunately, he was not allowed to play his pipes inside the church.
Meet Mr. & Mrs. Murphy!

Pictures taken at Derby Wharf

At The Lyceum
Sara & her dad dancing to a Sarah McLachlan song
Sara and Jerry are honeymooning in Ireland for two weeks.
I have so many happy memories of my daughter's wedding day. I wish I could relive the experience all over again!
Click here to see wedding photos the photographer, Tom Underwood, posted on Facebook. Tom was the best!


Peaceful Reader said...

What a lovely wedding! Your daughter (and everyone else) look very, very happy. I hope they have a beautiful honeymoon.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Peaceful Reader! We were all very happy on my daughter's wedding day. We had a grand time. The weather in Ireland hasn't been great for the most part. Still, the newlyweds are managing to enjoy their time on the Emerald Isle.