Saturday, May 1, 2010

Final Days of National Poetry Month (April 29-30) in Review

Poetry Makers at the Miss Rumphius Effect
April 29—Bruce Lansky
April 30—X. J. Kennedy

Thirty Poets Thirty Days at Gotta Book
April 29—Liz Garton Scanlon—Reflecting
April 30—Walter Dean Myers—Walking

Poetry Tag at Poetry for Children
April 29—Douglas Florian is IT
April 30—Jack Prelutsky is IT

Poetry Potluck at Jama Rattigan’s Alphabet Soup
April 29—counting chips with miss rumphius, tricia stohr-hunt
April 30—friday feast: topping it off with our surprise guest, joyce sidman (and a giveaway)!

Haiga (Haiku & Photographs) at A Wrung Sponge
April 29—fence haiku
April 30—weed seed haiku

Haiku at Liz in Ink
April 29—Haiku 28
April 29—Haiku 29

Mary Lee’s Original Poem-a-Day About Teaching Or Learning at A Year of Reading
April 29—Poem #29—Newspaper Blackout Poem
April 30—Poem #30—Looking Inside (and Poetry Friday)

Wild Rose Reader
April 29—Fourth Week of National Poetry Month (April 22-28) in Review
April 29—Weather Report: A Book Spine Poem
April 30—Apostrophe: Poems of Address

Other Bloggers Who Posted Original Poems during National Poetry Month
Susan Taylor Brown
Jone MacCulloch
Elizabeth Moore
April Halprin Wayland
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

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Mary Lee said...

Thanks again for the roundups! This will help me go back and read some posts I missed during the month!