Monday, February 16, 2009

More Children's Books about Abraham Lincoln

From The Horn Book: The Best Abe Lincolns, a list of recommended books about Abraham Lincoln

From Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Reviews: Abraham Lincoln

From Scholastic: Lincoln Books


For more suggested books and resources about Abraham Lincoln, check out this earlier Wild Rose Reader post—The Lincoln Bicentennial: Book Lists & Resources

Here’s a link to my review of a fine picture book about the Lincoln funeral train written by Robert Burleigh and illustrated by Wendell MinorPicture Book Review: Abraham Lincoln Comes Home


Anonymous said...

A Lincoln biography for the younger student:

The Life of Abraham Lincoln for Young People, by Harriet Putnam

An illustrated biography of Abraham Lincoln written especially for young students, and young readers.

The book is written in one-syllable words; every word is broken into it's individual syllables.

Sheena Morrisey said...

I remember my brother used the children's book Abe's Honest Words in one of his research papers.