Monday, April 2, 2012

SKY COLORS: An Original Poem

Because I spend half my week living away from home and providing daycare for my granddaughter Julia, I have much less time for blogging. I'm determined to find more time to post during National Poetry Month. I'm also hoping I'll find enough inspiration to write a few new poems every week to post at Wild Rose Reader during April. Here's a poem that I wrote recently:


The sky’s pale blue.
Clouds are wisps of white.
The sun is gold as new-mown hay.
That is how I color day.

The sky's jet black.
Stars are dots of white.
The moon’s a sliver of silver light.
That is how I paint the night.


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Bridget R. Wilson said...

A great poem, Elaine. I may just use it during the summer reading program. This year's theme is night.

Charles Waters said...

This poem shows we're all artist at heart!

Linda B said...

I'm a slow commenter this week, Elaine! This is lovely & nice to include both kinds of sky. Usually one only thinks of the blues, but I like that night verse too.