Friday, March 9, 2012

Things to Do If You Are a Grandfather Clock: An Original List Poem

I’ve been so busy lately that I have had little time to post at Wild Rose Reader or at Blue Rose Girls—or to stop by other blogs and leave comments. I hope to adapt to my new life rhythm and to be able to set aside more time for blogging—especially during National Poetry Month.

Recently, I hosted a family birthday party for my mother. She turned ninety-four on February 24th. It was fun having four generations of my family together to celebrate and toast my mother.

We had two birthday cakes. One was for my daughter Sara
who also had a birthday in February.
Julia wearing her special flower headpiece
that my daughter made for her.
A Family Picture
My granddaughter Julia has been growing up so fast!
She has been sitting up, rolling over, and eating solid food for quite some time.

Julia at Six Months

My Little Love on Valentine's Day

I have been busy doing revisions on my Things to Do manuscript. Some poems have been cut from the collection. I thought I’d post one of those poems today.

Things to Do If You Are a Grandfather Clock

Reside inside a wooden case.
Spin metals hands around your face.
Turned your toothed gears.
Sway your pendulum.
Listen to the rhythm of passing time.
Sing out the hour, clock.
Chime, chime, chime.

NOTE: Some of the people who won copies of Janet Wong’s book Declaration of Interdependence haven’t emailed me their addresses yet. Click here to find out if you are one of the winners.


The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Gathering Books this week.


Linda said...

Another great poem! I love the "chime chime chime" last line.
Your graddaughter is so cute. It's fun being a grandma, isn't it? I used to think that life slows down as one gets older, but now I know that's not true! It speeds up! I haven't been able to read many PF posts in a long while. I'm trying to adjust my schedule to have some free time. : )

Elaine Magliaro said...


I LOVE being a grandmother! It's brought "new life" into my life. I'm hoping to work "around my schedule" in order to do more blogging.

Liz Steinglass said...

You've permanently expanded my idea of a list poem. I love the idea of listing Things to Do If You Are a Grandfather Clock. What a creative idea.

Linda B said...

How wonderful that you have your mother still with you Elaine. I always love seeing your photos, family & of little Julia. Such a darling. I like that line "spin metal hands around your face".

Mary Lee said...

I'm saving this post to remind me to write this kind of list poem in April!!

Tara said...

Listen to the rhythm of passing time.
Sing out the hour, clock.
Chime, chime, chime.

Perfect. And thank you, too , for the glorious pictures of your family. Now I want to try my hand at a list poem, too!

Amy LV said...

I cannot decide if I want to eat one of those cakes or Julia! So looking forward to this collection, Elaine. "Spin metal hands around your face"...yes! a.

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