Friday, October 14, 2011

POETRY FRIDAY: Original Animal Acrostics

I thought I’d go through my files this morning and look for animal acrostics that I'd written over the years. Here's a mini collection of them for Poetry Friday:


Mitten-footed forager
Out on a midnight adventure,
Unheard, unseen, in the whisper-soft dark,
Scurrying about the house,
Eking out a meal.

Frustrated prince dwelling in a pond kingdom,
Royal amphibian resting on a lily pad throne, biding his time,
Ogling unsuspecting insects, waiting for the princess to lose her
Golden ball so he can retrieve it and become her hero.

Changes suits to suit
His locus. Abracadabra! Hocus-pocus! He’s
A clever
Master of disguise…a trickster who can fool the
Eyes! This
Lizard with a fashion flair takes his wardrobe
Everywhere. Predators don’t stop
Or stare.
No one even knows he’s there.

Take it easy,
Old One. Hare is
Resting beneath a willow
Tree dreaming
Of the finish line—dreaming he is champion.
It is not to be, Old One. You are wise and know
Slow and steady wins the race
Every time.

Claw-handed critter
Races sideways, skitters
Across the sea-washed land…
Beachcombing in the sand.

Chirping in the dark, their song
In the still air. A
Chorus of summer night strummers in concert with
Entertaining warm evenings with
Symphony of wings.

Caw, caw, caw is all they say,
Repeating that one sound day after day…
Over and over—the same old thing.
Why can’t they find a new
Song to sing?


Dagger-toothed demon
Roars its fiery breath, sets
Aflame a village,
Grips everyone in its claws
Of terror.
Now where is the knight in shining armor?

Unreal animal,
No one has ever seen you except
In the land of make-believe
Cavorting with maidens
Over flower-strewn fields and
Romping through woodlands in a world of
Never ending days.

David Elzey has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Fomagrams.


GatheringBooks said...

Hi Elaine, I miss seeing photos of your lovely grandchild! Among all the poems you shared today, I enjoyed UNICORN the most. Love it.

jama said...

What fun. Love the "mitten-footed forager" and the chameleon poem best of all. :)

Sal's Fiction Addiction said...

And I loved the chameleon and the frog! Thanks for sharing such great poems for us...

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very nicE)

Joyce Ray said...

Charmeleon and Tortise get my votes. They're all magical. Thanks for sharing them, Elaine!

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Charles Waters said...

Oh my goodness you're such a great children's poet!!!!!!!