Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Note to Fans of Lee Bennett Hopkins

This Poetry Friday, I'll post the answers to questions that blog readers posed to Lee Bennett Hopkins last week.

I'll also announce the winner of the drawing. Remember...the winner gets to choose any book written or compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins that is still in print.

These are the people who left questions for Lee. Their names will be entered into the drawing:
  • Toby Speed
  • Laura Purdie salas
  • Linda
  • Stella
  • Jeannine Atkins
  • Tricia
  • Sallye
  • Heidi Mordhorst
  • Judy


Toby Speed said...

I'm liking this whole celebration.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ditto! Ah, but which one to choose if I win? Recently read a couple more. Purchased Pass the Poetry, Please! So I can cross that one off my wish list.

Michele Krueger said...

Hi Elaine,

I've enjoyed your posts this past week. As a long-time fan of Lee's work as an anthologist, I'd like to share this poem:


I’ve heard
they call you
Scatterer of Words

One who Gathers,
Gleans and Spreads
your seeds to hungry birds.

I call you Master Florist-
Arranger of Bouquets-
who chooses stems
for Color,
to liven up our days.

I call you Expert Food-Chef,
Designer of Buffets,
who lays out appetizers
and impeccable entrees.

I call you Great Discoverer,
Digger of the Earth,
mining ores and metal,
weighing out their worth.

What riches
you’ve bequeathed to us!
What gourmet meals you share-
The perfume of your flowers
will forever
scent the air!

Michele Krueger