Monday, November 8, 2010

Disappearing Desmond Book Giveaway

Desmond....where are you?

I can never find you when I want you!
You're always disappearing on me!
You think it's funny, don't you???
Well, I'm not going to stop looking until I find you!
You hear me?
There you are!
I should have known
I'd find you outside playing
with your friend.

Oh no! Desmond's disappeared...again!
Can you help me find him?

Written & Illustrated by Anna Alter

To celebrate the release of Anna Alter's new book, for the first two weeks of November she is running a Disappearing Desmond book giveaway!
Ten winners will get their very own copy sent to their doorstep.

All you have to do is find Desmond as he appears on various children's book blogs around the web and click on him before the contest disappears.
The Disappearing Desmond book giveaway will run from Nov. 1st through Nov. 14th, with ten winners selected at random on Nov.15th.
Folks can enter as many times as they like.

*Please note, giveaway is for US residents only. *

1 comment:

Amy L V said...

Oh my gosh - how adorable! I feel like I am five. I want to find Desmond! He's really cute! Thank you, Elaine, for the fun this morning! A.