Friday, March 12, 2010

HIBERNATION: An Original Acrostic

Two weeks ago, I posted March, an original poem from an unpublished collection of acrostics about spring. Today, I have the second poem in the collection for you. It’s about a mother bear sensing the arrival of a warmer season—and thinking about taking her cubs out into a world they’ve never seen.

How long have
I slept? How long has it
Been since I’ve
Eaten? I hear the river running again. I must
Rouse my cubs from their slumber
Now…open their eyes to the wonders of spring,
Awaken them to a new life. It is
Time to take my children out
Into the sunlight,
Out into a brighter world they’ve
ever known.


At Blue Rose Girls I have a Poem titled Cold Spring by Lawrence Raab.
The Poetry Friday Roundup is over at Becky’s Book Reviews.


jama said...

Lovely poem -- I'm very partial to bears, and like picturing the cubs you mentioned. :)

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Jama! Bears seem so cuddly and charming in children's picture books, don't they? Can't say I'd ever want to meet one face to face!

Laura Evans said...

When I think of bears, I think of the wonderful (and scary) protection of a mommy bear.


Anonymous said...

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laurasalas said...

Love awakening them to a new life!

Anonymous said...

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