Friday, November 13, 2009

POETRY FRIDAY: Double Dactyls

Back in October, Tricia asked people to try writing double dactyls for a Monday Poetry Stretch. You’ll find those stretch results at the following post at The Miss Rumphius Effect: Poetry Stretch Results - Double Dactyls Galore!

I wrote three double dactyls for that Poetry Stretch, which I posted here—at Blue Rose Girls.

For Poetry Friday this week, I revised one of those double dactyls—and I wrote a few more. All of the double dactyls I’m posting today are about characters from children’s books and fairy tales.

Higgeldy piggeldy
Charlotte Cavatica,
Writer and weaver,
Spun tales for her friend,

Wilbur, the runt pig
She nurtured and cherished.
That spider was loyal
And true to the end.

Higgeldy piggeldy
Vegan Pete Rabbit
Pilfered some lettuce
And carrots and kale.

Mister McGregor
Chased after that bunny
But Peter escaped
By the fluff of his tail.

Higgeldy piggeldy
Poor Sleeping Beauty
Slumbered for decades
Because of a spell.

Prince Charming knelt down and
Kissed the prone princess.
They married. They’re happy.
There’s no more to tell.

Higgeldy piggeldy
Sad Cinderella
Sat in the ashes
Bemoaning her fate.

Godmother fairy
Said: “Honey, don’t blubber.
My magic will score you
A rich, handsome mate.”

Higgeldy piggeldy
Beauty was grossed out
Watching the ugly Beast
Gnoshing raw boar.

“God,” she said, “can’t you please
Masticate quietly!
Dining with you is
A distasteful chore.”


I have three new posts at Political Verses this week: Driving Drunk: A Short Poem about Mary Strey; A Dead Rabbit Toss Competition Poem; and Making the Grade.

At Blue Rose Girls, I have some light verse by Arthur Guiterman.

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Anonymous said...

gnoshng and masitcating, what great words. How fun are these? Don't you just love the poetry stretches?

Anonymous said...

Double dactyls are a fun challenge. I enjoyed reading yours! Especially love the way the lines (from different poems) "Charlotte Cavitica" and "'God,' she said,'Can't you please/masticate quietly!" hit your ear. Thanks for sharing these today.

Elaine Magliaro said...


The word gnoshing sounds funny to me. I do enjoy the Poetry Stretches.


I love double dactyls--although mine may not conform perfectly to the rules.

In my first version of the "Charlotte's Web" double dactyl, I had written Charlotte Arachnid. I think Charlotte Cavatica sounds better--and is more specific to the story.

jama said...

These are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!! Loved gnoshing and masticating every syllable.

Elaine Magliaro said...


It looks like gnoshing and masticating were the word hits of the week in my double dactyls. I love it when I find words with the right meanings and rhythms to "fit" in my poems.

Mary Lee said...

I think these need to be published in a collection to go with Pat Lewis' SPOT THE PLOT!!!!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Mary Lee,

I love SPOT THE PLOT--both Pat's poems and Munsinger's illustrations.

Have you ever read SHRINKLITS?

Marja said...

Honey don't blubber LOL
A delightful poem Thanks

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I think you are the master of this form. I love the name "Mister McGreggor". Music & crunch.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Marja!


I do enjoy writing double dactyls--even though many of mine don't adhere to the form perfectly.

My mother used to play me a record about Peter Rabbit when I was little. I can still hear the voice of the narrator when he talked about Peter going into Mister McGregor's garden.