Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autumn: Book Lists & Book Reviews


Here are links to some of my previous posts at Wild Rose Reader for those of you interested in autumn leaf crafts and picture books and poetry books about autumn and autumn leaves:

Autumn Book Bunch: Leaves, Leaves Leaves!
Here you’ll find reviews of three picture books I highly recommend for reading to young children during the fall season: Oliver Finds His Way, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, and The Little Yellow Leaf.

Look What I Did with a Leaf!
Here you’ll find a review of the nonfiction book Look What I Did with a Leaf!, which includes ideas and instructions for creating leaf animal collages. I used this book as a springboard for a cross curricular/collaborative art project I did with our art teacher when I taught second grade.

Fall into Poetry
Here you will find reviews of Dappled Apples, a picture book written in verse and three poetry collections--Autumnblings, Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic, and A Chill in the Air: Nature Poems for Fall and Winter.

Browse Inside Douglas Florian’s Autumnblings (HarperCollins Web site)

Autumn Leaf Crafts & Activities

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Anonymous said...

Awesome book list! I love book lists because I am a total book junkie – I am there 4 days in a week! I would usually scour the library shelves and borrow books from authors from my days in college and high school --- I would read contemporary authors like James Patterson or more classic ones like James Joyce. If you're looking for book lists, I recommend this reading journal I found called “Read, Remember, Recommend” from -- it’s just this great little resource with Awards Lists (including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Los Angels Times Award for Fiction and National Book Award for Fiction), Notable lists (Oprah’s book club is one of them) and Author Pages. It’s really helped organize my reading. (I’ve finished half of the Awards list) Check it out – reading becomes so much more enjoyable with it. It's given my reading much more direction, and now I feel well read. :)