Monday, July 23, 2007

OUT & ABOUT: July 23, 2007

At American Indians in Children's Literature, Debbie Reese has posted a "provocative essay" by Beverly Slapin entitled How to Turn a Traditional Indian Story into a Children's Book (for fun and profit).

Read all about MotherReader's Summer Contest for Cassie Was Here. Check out her follow-up post Summer Poem, Summer Contest, too!

Nancy at Journey Woman is also having a contest to celebrate her first anniversary as a blogger. Check out the contest rules here.

The Poetry Friday Roundup for July 20th is at Mentor Texts & More.

The next edition of The Edge of the Forest will soon be published.

Check out the new photos and updates in Joyce Sidman's nature journal Nesting with Robins.

Anna Alter, one of the Blue Rose Girls, shows us a work-in-progress from her future book What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe. See how Anna went from this sketch of a bunny

to this final draft of a full color illustration.

Thanks for letting us in our your artistic process, Anna!

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