Friday, December 18, 2020

Say This Isn't the End: A Poem for Sunday by Richard Blanco

From poet Richard Blanco: “I say this might be the end we’ve always needed to begin again. I say this may be the end to let us hope to heal, to evolve, reach the stars. Again I’ll say: heal, evolve, reach, and become the stars that became us—whether or not this is or is not our end.”

First stanza of SAY THIS ISN'T THE END:

... say we live on, say we’ll forget the masks
that kept us from dying from the invisible,
but say we won’t ever forget the invisible
masks we realized we had been wearing
most our lives, disguising ourselves from
each other. Say we won’t veil ourselves again,
that our souls will keep breathing timelessly,
that we won’t return to clocking our lives
with lists and appointments. Say we’ll keep
our days errant as sun showers, impulsive
as a star’s falling. Say this isn’t our end …

Click here to read the rest of the poem.


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michelle kogan said...

Thanks Elaine, for sharing Richard Blanco's gorgeous, heart-wrenching, and sensitive poem, so timely and so much truth there, and one to reread many times. Wishing you and your family well, and a Happy Holiday Season!

Jone said...

I like the use if the word, "say" and this line, "Say we’ll keepour days errant as sun showers, impulsiveas a star’s falling. "
May your holiday be bright and merry.