Friday, August 30, 2019

Remembering Lee Bennett Hopkins with Poetry

I have been thinking a lot lately about my dear friend Lee Bennett Hopkins who passed away earlier this month. I've also been thinking about all of Lee's poetry books that I have collected over the years. I have dozens and dozens of them! I used his books often when I was teaching elementary school. I treasure those books even more now that he is gone.
One of my favorite anthologies compiled by Lee came to mind a few days ago. It's titled ON THE FARM. It's a thin volume of sixteen poems that is beautifully illustrated by Laurel Molk. It was published by Little, Brown in 1991. The book contains poems by some of America's finest children's poets--including David McCord, Aileen Fisher, Lilian Moore, Myra Cohn Livingston, Valerie Worth--and Lee Bennett Hopkins.
Here's a sampling of the poems you'll find in this lovely anthology:

by Mary Britton Miller

Come trotting up
Beside your mother,
Little skinny.

Lay your neck across
Her back, and whinny,
Little foal.

You think you're a horse
Because you can trot--
But you're not...

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By Valerie Worth

The lawnmower
Grinds its teeth
Over the grass,
Spitting out a thick
Green spray;

Its head is too full
Of iron and oil
To know
What it throws

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By Myra Cohn Livingston

Thank you for the sun,
          the sky,
     for all the things that like to fly,
          the shining rain that turns grass green,
          the earth we know --
          the world unseen...
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By Robert Lewis Stevenson

The friendly cow all red and white, 
I love with all my heart: 
She gives me cream with all her might, 
To eat with apple-tart. 

She wanders lowing here and there, 
And yet she cannot stray, 
All in the pleasant open air, 
The pleasant light of day... 

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By James S. Tippett

The horses, the pigs,
And the chickens,
The turkeys, the ducks
And the sheep!
I can see all my friends
From my window
As soon as I waken from sleep.
The cat on the fence
Is out walking.
The geese have gone down
For a swim.
The pony comes trotting
Right up to the gate;
He knows I have candy
For him...

Click here to read the rest of the poem. (NOTE: You will have to scroll down a page as the link takes you directly to a poem by Elizabeth Coatsworth.)

By David McCord

The pickety fence
The pickety fence
Give it a lick it's
The pickety fence
Give it a lick it's
A clickety fence
Give it a lick it's
A lickety fence...

Click here to read the rest of the poem.

Lee opened ON THE FARM with his own poem titled HELLO, FARM.

By Lee Bennett Hopkins

Hello, ducks,

Hello, hen house,

Hello, woodpiles,


I used Lee's poem as a model for the following poem that I wrote in his memory.

By Elaine Magliaro

Hello, children,

in cozy nooks.

Hello, meter,

all the time!


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Cheriee Weichel said...

What a collection of poetry you are sharing today! I love your response to Lee's poem. As a retired teacher librarian, it is exactly how I feel, especially these lines.
Hello, children,

in cozy nooks.

Linda said...

Elaine, I've read some of these poems before, but I've never seen this collection. I don't know how I missed it! Thank you for sharing it today!

Jane @ said...

What a lovely collection ♥️

Linda B said...

This is a new collection to me, though I've seen a few of the poems before, Elaine. Love your own ode to Lee.

Joyce Ray said...

Elaine, thank you for these many poems from one of Lee Bennett Hopkins' anthologies. I've always loved Stevenson's "The Cow" and the rhythm of "The Pickety Fence." "Hello Farm reminds me so much of the opening of Goodnight Moon, and I like how you used it as a mentor poem for "Hello Poetry."

Linda Mitchell said...

I love how you used the 'Hello' poem as a mentor text! I've been doing this more and more as the children's poems that rhyme are terribly deceptive in simplicity. A beautiful post full of gems. Thank you for sharing them all.

Carol Varsalona said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful poems, Elaine. Your response to Lee's poem is fun to read. I like the way it flows and of course its topic.

Ruth said...

What a great anthologist he was!

Kay said...

Thank you for sharing this collection from Lee. The farm poems are delightful, and your response is beautiful. I love those cozy reading nooks.

Laura Shovan said...

"Poetry all the time" feels like a perfect line in tribute to Lee. Wonderful selection from Lee's book, Elaine. I grew up on Robert Louis Stevenson, so his cow is an old friend.

KatApel - said...

Poetry all the time, indeed! Thanks for sharing all these snippets, Elaine.