Friday, July 6, 2018

Two Original Beetle Poems

Today, I have two beetle poems for you. The first is a haiku; the second is a mask poem.

Beetle on a rose

in shining armor…ready

to battle sharp thorns



My love is this beautiful red, red rose.

Of all the blossoms, it’s the one I chose.

It has silky petals, leaves of emerald green.

It’s the yummiest flower that I’ve ever seen.



Tricia has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Miss Rumphius Effect.


JoAnn Early Macken said...

I love the image of the beetle in shining armor! Our roses are often the targets of Japanese beetles. I enjoyed the view from their perspective!

Linda B said...

I don't see many beetles here though I know they're around, love that "shining armor" as JoAnn does. And the beetle's love for the rose made me smile to think of insect love affairs! Fun to imagine!

Molly Hogan said...

I loved the pairing of these two poems. The beetle in his shining armour is a wonderful image and I enjoyed imagining how he chose his love, the rose. Of course, I'm not nearly as delighted when I see beetles on my roses!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Love your beetle ready to battle thorns!

Mary Lee said...

I'm really conflicted about Japanese beetles. They are so beautiful! They are so destructive!

Love your poem pair!!

Tara said...

What Mary Lee said - I love the look of Japanese beetles, but what they do to the roses in my garden leaves me less of an admirer, I must say!

Kay said...

I love both these beetle poems--the last line of the second one and the image of an armored beetle doing battle with thorns.

Michelle Kogan said...

A beetle, "in shining armor…" what a powerful image –and your poems work so well together, thanks Elaine!

Ruth said...

I love your beetles!