Friday, August 4, 2017

Statue in the Park Poem

Laura Purdie Salas wrote on her blog that the Poetry Princess challenge (her choice) for this month was "a poem of any kind, mood, or topic to go with the title 'Statues in the Park.'"

I am no "Poetry Princess"--but when I heard about this challenge, it brought to mind a poem that I wrote about the George Washington statue that is displayed in Boston's Public Garden. I wrote the poem about thirty-five years ago. I don't know where the poem is at the moment so I am doing my best to write it down from memory.
Statue in the Park
by Elaine Magliaro

In the city park, I know
a famous man from long ago.
Astride his horse, George Washington--
father of his countrymen--
tall, majestic, cast in bronze,
he guards the Public Garden's swans,
benches, and the tulip beds...
with pigeons sitting on his head.


Donna has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Mainely Write.



Carol Varsalona said...

Thirty-five years later and you can remember your poem-that is fabulous. I enjoyed the poem, especially the last line.

Mary Lee said...

Very fun!

Jane @ said...

There's something about seeing pigeons on a statue that reminds me not to take anything too seriously - pigeons don't care how historically significant you were. ;-)

Donna Smith said...

This was a fun poem, and amazing that you could bring it to mind after all that time!

April Halprin Wayland said...

A succinct and very satisfying poem! (And I like what Jane said, too). :-)