Friday, June 8, 2012

ROOSTER: An Original Animal Mask Poem

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog how much I enjoy writing animal mask poems. I have quite a collection of them. A couple of years ago at the suggestion of two friends and writing advisers (Grace Lin and Janet Wong), I culled the poems about smaller animals that children might observe in their backyards or close to home--earthworms, frogs, spiders, butterflies, etc.--for a collection that I call Backyard Voices. I also began writing more poems about little creatures that most children are familiar with for the collection. 

In addition, I took the poems about bigger and/or boastful animals (grizzly bear, blue whale, lion, toucan) and put them in a separate collection tentatively titled Loud and Proud. As I was reading through my Loud and Proud manuscript this morning, I found a poem about a rooster I had forgotten that I had written. (I love finding forgotten poems!) Here it is:


The sun is rising. You should too.
Wake up! Wake up, sleepyhead.
Get your body out of bed.

I bring the morning news to you.
It’s the dawn of a brand new day.
That’s something to crow about, I’d say!


The super blogger Jama Rattigan has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Alphabet Soup today.


jama said...

Love your animal mask poems, and both collections sound fabulous (great titles for them, too).


Renee LaTulippe said...

What great concepts for a poetry collection. And "Rooster" is such a delightful rise-and-shine poem - thanks for sharing it!

Ruth said...

Sounds like my neighborhood, which is full of roosters!

Linda B said...

I love them all, Elaine. What a gift you have for taking just the essence of the thing for the mask. This is great!

Mary Lee said...

Love it! I have this thing for roosters, since my last name means rooster in German!!!

Janet Wong said...

"Rise and shine poems": the world definitely needs MANY more of these! Wouldn't it be great if there was a "wake up poem clock" that read a "wake up poem" to you instead of buzzing?