Friday, February 11, 2011

Farewell, My Lovely: An Original Fairy Tale Poem

Yesterday, I decided to write a new fairy tale love poem in honor of Valentine's Day, which is almost here. I feel I still need to do a bit of tinkering with Farewell, My Lovely to get the rhythm just right. Here's my first draft:

Farewell, My Lovely

She's beautiful! Forsooth, she's dead.
Look at her lips--so ruby red.
Her skin’s as white as fallen snow.
Her ebony hair’s like silk. Oh no!
I’ve fallen in love with a corpse—alas!
She looks so alive in her coffin of glass.
What will I do? I can’t tell the queen!
I know she’d make a royal scene
And conk me with her orb of gold…
And make me sleep out in the cold.
The king would have a raging fit.
He'd tell me I’m a foolish twit,
Take my inheritance away!
Tabloids would write an exposé.

I’m so forlorn. Oh, woe is me.
I shan’t live forever happily.
Today I found the love of my life—
But she will never be my wife.
I want to be the royal heir!

I must find a living lady fair
To marry me and be my bride.
I can't wed a gal who's already died.
I plan to rule this
Farewell, Snow White. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho.

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Unknown said...

Great rhythm in this poem.