Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Poems about Time

Tricia’s Monday Poetry Stretch this week was to write a poem about time--"in any form, in any of its incarnations." Here are two original “time” poems for you today. I think I need to work on A Poem for New Year’s Day. I’m not sure about the last line.

A Poem for New Year’s Day

What is time?
The passing of days
as we spin through space
into darkness and then light
through morning, noon, and night…
as we travel 'round the sun
at a breakneck pace
in and out of months
and ever-changing seasons
till we come full circle.

We’ll begin the trip again
at the starting point
right here…
and follow a well-worn path
as we complete another year.

One turns—so turn all the other gears…
Clicking, ticking, tocking together
Keeping in time through the years.

Diane has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Random Noodling.


Anonymous said...

Better late than never................

laurasalas said...

These are fabulous, Elaine. I especially like the acrostic. That lock-stepping, tick-tocking totally puts me in mind of school clocks...

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks, Laura. I wrote that acrostic years ago. It's been hanging around in one of my writing journals.

Henry Lawson Poems said...

Wonderful way to capture the passing of time.

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