Friday, August 14, 2009

Bridge Banter: An Original Fairy Tale Poem

I know I haven’t been posting much at Wild Rose Reader lately. I apologize. It’s been an extremely busy summer. I had hoped to write reviews of two poetry books for today--but I never got around to doing that. I spent most of this week shopping, preparing food, and packing for our third trip to Maine this summer. Instead of the reviews, I’m posting another poem from my unpublished collection titles Excerpts from the Fairy Tale Files. The following poem is a conversation between the Third Billy Goat Gruff and the Troll that lived under the bridge.


I’m Billy Goat Gruff, the third. I’m tough.

I’m muscle-bound and mean.

And I’m the boss so let me cross

To reach the pasture green.

Well, I’m the troll. I’m brave and bold

I’m really getting sick

Of bearded deer trip-trapping here

Around my bailiwick.

You will not pass to reach green grass.

I’ll kill you, Gruff. Now scoot!

I’ll stand my ground—so turn around

And find another route.

You ugly troll, I’ll reach my goal—

It’s written in the story.

Now eat your pride and step aside

And things won’t get too gory


At Political Verses, I reposted a poem about Glenn Beck titled Dead Beckoning. The post includes a video of Beck on FOX TV and a link to Glenn-Harried Glenn-Lost, a recent segment on The Colbert Report. Here’s the link: Glenn Beck Revisited.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is at A Wrung Sponge this week.


jama said...

You MUST resubmit these fairy tale poems. They're begging for great illos. Have a nice time in Maine!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this. The dialogue is well-done. (As you may recall, I did my own retelling of this one - it's such a fun story to play with!)

Julie said...

I've got those trolls in Imaginary Menagerie, too - they exert quite a pull on our imaginations! Nicely done, Elaine. I'm with Jama - send that ms. out again.

Liz in Ink said...

I'm going to have my girls read this in two parts tonight... I LOVE this, Elaine!

Rebecca Gomez said...

I love it!

Mary Lee said...

"It's written in the story" -- so much nicer than "because I said so!"

laurasalas said...

This wondertastic, Elaine! This collection needs to be published. I hope you're submitting it around!

Anonymous said...

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