Friday, March 6, 2009

A Poem Inspired by Rush Limbaugh?

Here's a second Poetry Friday post. I just couldn't help myself! Sometimes I get inspired to write poems about people who make me crazy--especially people whose speech is filled with vitriol and bile. This poem was inspired by Rush Limbaugh's performance at CPAC.

All Bow Down Now
by Elaine Magliaro

Higgeldy Piggeldy Limbaugh the swine
Thought he was Tarzan, swung from a vine.
With his pink fleshy fists, porky and plump,
On his flabulous chest, he started to thump.

Rushy then stood like god Thor at the podium.
He railed at Obama in a speech filled with odium.
He thundered. He ranted. He jumped up and down.
Now he struts like a king with the GOP crown!

Here’s a link to Ellen Goodman’s opinion piece that appeared in today’s Boston Globe: Sorry Rush, but you’re no Oprah.

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At Blue Rose Girls, I have the lyrics to The Last Resort, one of my favorite songs written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley of The Eagles. I also have a video of the band performing the song at a concert.
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Charlotte said...

I like your choice of Thor-- "Let's wack a few jotuns, to keep Asgar strong..."

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thor just popped into my head as I was writing this poem. I can't explain why--but it seemed to fit in this poem about that self-important gasbag who thinks he's the leader of the conservative cause.

He wonders why women don't like him???

Mary Lee said...

This is fabulous! I love it when idiots make you mad because your poetry rants are so spot-on!

Now I'm going to send a link to your post to everyone I know who will grin and nod like I did!

PS -- Ellen's essay was good too, but you said the same thing with fewer words!!!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Mary Lee,

Thanks. Getting mad and getting fired up about the Rush Limbaughs and Sarah Palins and Joe the Plumbers does help inspire my poetry rants.

Jules at 7-Imp said...


Elaine Magliaro said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed my poetic Limbaugh rant!

Wayne Pitchko said...

I LUV it